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A Day in the Life: Monday March 23, 2015

The other day Trish from Love, Laughter and a Touch of Insanity decided it would be fun to have everyone document and then post about a typical day in their life. What a fun idea! Everyone is linking up at her blog today and if you haven't already done it (documented your day), you can still go for it (and link up later.)

I decided to keep track of my day this past Monday, March 23. I knew it would be a fairly normal day which meant you could see what a "boring" day for me was like. If I would have done Wednesday of this week,  you would have seen what a wild and crazy day was like! Sheesh.

Anyway, I kept track of what I did and took a few pictures. So, without further ado, I give you, a day in my life:

Monday, March 23 2015

6:24: I hear my daughter's alarm go off. She gets up. I look at my phone. Oops. I forgot to set my own alarm! Good thing I heard hers!

6:30 to 7:00: I read things on my phone while my daughter gets ready for school. It helps get my eyes awake. I go through Facebook, and Twitter. I post a "Happy Bloggiesta" with the Bloggiesta Twitter account. I'm hoping that people are excited and ready to start this week long event!

7:00: I get up and drive my daughter to school. We have a little car pool and pick up a neighborhood boy on the way. It takes about 25 minutes round trip. It's a dreary day. There's even a few sprinkles out there and we both look at each and say, "Wait. Rain?"

I often post pictures of the mountain when it's a clear
beautiful blue day. Here's what it looks like
on a not so clear day!

Mika came out with me to take the mountain picture!

7:25: Back at home, I crawl back into bed and look at my phone again. This is the time of day where I feel guilty and wish I stayed up and did... something. I don't know what. But no, I lay in bed and read things on my phone for 45 minutes. The kitty comes to cuddle with us.

8:15: I get up for real and get ready for work; shower, breakfast, the usual. On Mondays, my college son does not have school so this morning, I don't have to drag him out of bed and he sleeps in. My husband gets up and is getting ready for work with me.

Breakfast. Golden Grahams. The bottom of the bag
which I guess only moms can eat.

8:50: I go to work. It's literally a three minute drive! My husband goes to work, it takes him about 20 minutes.
The library!

9:00: WORK at the library! When I arrive I find that my first task of the day is to print a few hundred Spanish bookmarks for a Spanish outreach open house they are doing next week. So, for two hours I do that... using the copy machine and huge paper cutter.

I spend a lot of time in this little room. 

The massive paper cutter.
I'm always sore the next day. It's quite the work out.

11:00: Now I print off a few hundred Spanish brochures so they can take those to the open house also. I might as well fold them too. It takes me another two hours until it's time to come home. It was a pretty low key day at work today. When I go outside, I can tell it's been raining.


Oh, I got these goodies in the mail too!
We plan to do a huge file organization project soon. :)

All folded! 300 copies!

The sky when I came home. Dreary!

1:00: On my way home I get a text from my married daughter. They left their USB drive at our house and they need an assignment off it. As soon as I get home, I find that, pull it up and email it to her. My college son is up and getting ready for work. We touch bases for a bit, and talk about his concerns of the day. He goes to work. I make nachos for lunch which I eat at the computer. I also have a toast from the bread my son made the day before.

Homemade whole wheat bread
made by my 20 year old son! Awesome!

I love nachos. With pepper jack cheese.

2:00: The first Bloggiesta chat of the week starts. I'm leading the discussion about connecting to people! Very fun! Before I know it, the whole hour is over and we're done!

3:00: I work on some email that needed taken care of. There's a few that needed some thought and so it takes awhile.

3:35: My daughter gets home from school. The neighborhood boy's mom brings them home. I do mornings, she does afternoon. Sweet deal for me. Anyway, we touch bases. She starts homework. I stay on the computer.

4:00: I work on some of my own Bloggiesta To Do tasks and some general Bloggiesta stuff (like the recap post for the chat we just had!) Time flies.

Hey, look. It's my blog!
I spend the whole afternoon and evening here.
Love my little home office!

5:00: I wonder if I ever peed today. I take a bathroom break.

5:30: I do my nightly worryiing about dinner. Should I make something? Will anyone eat it if I do? Oh, I remember we have tons of leftovers from Sunday dinner. Whew! That's taken care of! I get off the computer anyway and take a break by cleaning up the kitchen and doing dishes.

I deem this kitchen CLEAN! :)
6:00: Everyone else (husband and son) comes home from work. I ask my husband about buying a domain name. We look at the computer and the options for nearly an hour.

6:45: College son needs help with his French presentation on Flaubert and Zola. We work on that together. Outside, there's a thunderstorm! Wow! I love it! I open all the windows.

7:30: Son deems us done with the French homework. I decided to do some more Bloggiesta stuff.

8:30: Wow, I'm hungry! I fix myself leftovers. I putter around the house.

9:00: Back at the computer, I start writing my advice blog post. I'm not quite done when...

9:30: Married son and wife show up after their work. They hang out for awhile, we talk.

10:00: They head home and I finish and schedule my post. I'm tired. I'm sick of the computer.

10:15: I get ready for bed, lay down and READ!

11:50: My eyes won't stay open any longer. I turn off the lights.

12:30: I think I finally go to sleep.

And there you have it. A very typical and boring day, especially for Mon, Tues and Fri... the days I work. Wed and Thurs are crazy because I try to fit in too many things!

I can't wait to see what your days are all like!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Walking Dead Discussion: S5E15 Try (Spoilers!)

I thought there would be much more Noah mourning in this episode, but instead, everyone just goes crazy.

** Carl goes outside the walls just to run with Enid. They kill a few walkers and then hide in a tree. Sparks are flying. But Carl is crazy for just running in the woods with the walkers!

Hiding in three.
Dang this kid has turned out cute!

** Sasha sits up in the tower night and day, shooting walkers. Well, I guess she comes out to the woods now and then and shoots there too. Just shooting and shooting and shooting. Totally crazy!

** Deanna listens to Nine Inch Nails (no I didn't know that at the time but learned it later... and no wonder I wasn't much into that music!) to remember her son. Want to hear it? Click here!

** Michonne seems unsure about the whole being a cop thing, but she seems to be the only one still thinking clearly.

** Daryl and Aaron are going crazy because they are finding evidence of something really creepy happening beyond the walls that has nothing to do with the walkers.

Daryl and Aaron
A strange pair.

** And then there's Rick. So, he's ready to kill Pete. He comes onto Jesse trying to make her admit she needs his help. She finally says yes. Then Pete himself walks in. They start fighting each other. Rick knocks him out and then has a fit about I can't even remember now what all he was screaming! But it was very much crazy Rick! And then Michonne just walked up to him and knocked him out. BAM!
If that's not Crazy Rick I don't know what is!
The only Noah thing that happened was when Glenn confronted Nicholas and told him... never never go outside the walls again. NEVER. Nicolas says, are you threatening me? And Glenn says, no, I'm saving your life. Did I say I loved Glenn? Yeah.

So, compared to last week, this was a very tame episode. But we have one more and I'm guessing it's not going to be tame at all.

What did you think?

Getting to Know You: Dessert!

We're talking about favorite desserts today over at Jenni Elyse's blog! I did another collage and figured that there's really no explanation necessary. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review Discussion: Love, Lucy by April Lindner

Book: Love, Lucy by April Lindner
Genre: NA Romance
Rating:★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
For: Fun
From: the library

Short Synopsis: Lucy and her friend have been backpacking through Europe for a few weeks. When they come to Italy and her friend moans about getting a "room with a view" they end up kicking a couple of guys out of their room. Well, Lucy hooks up with one of them. . .Jesse! And has a whirlwind Italian romance! Her very own Roman Holiday. But then she has to go back home and start college, which her dad is forcing her to do. She loses track of Jesse and just when she thinks she has got her life all together, sort of,  he shows up on her doorstep.

My Response: Ah, it was lacking so much for me! I enjoyed the fact that it is set (some of it anyway) in Florence and Rome, which is cool, but other than that, I didn't take to it. I remembered her other books were re-tellings of classics, so I thought it would be fun to see which one this was. I had no clue through the whole thing and finally had to look it up somewhere. (I gave a very obvious clue up above!) But, it was lacking emotion. Like the romance was just. . .bam. With no emotion at all. I just did not connect. Maybe it was not a good book to read right after The Winner's Crime. Yeah. That was probably it.

Bottom Line: I suggest you skip this one. Sadly

Let's Talk About: Reading not so good books after really awesome books. Life is not fair to some books, you know? Has this happened to you? And your poor books?

Other Reviews:

A fantastic book with a perfect summer romance and the choice between a safe future and following your heart. From YA Book Nerd

I did enjoy the story, but Lucy annoyed me more than once with her immaturity. From Alexia's Books and Such

Vespas, cute boys, gelato, discovering your dreams, living your dreams, it's all in Love, Lucy. From Book Sp(l)ot Reviews

It was sweet, uncomplicated and relatable, especially as Lucy struggles to choose between a new love interest and the wild Jesse. From Write Meg

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Best Blogging Advice: Have Fun and Be Yourself!

As part of Bloggiesta week this time around, we thought it would be fun to have a linky going where everyone could link up a post they've written about the best blogging advice they have to share. Either something you've been told, something you tell everyone, or something you've found works for you. We'd love for you all to join us!

Please go here to the Bloggiesta page to link up and then click around to see the advice others are sharing today and throughout the rest of this week!

As for my advice, the thing that I say over and over and over again to new bloggers:


Everyone thinks... should I do this, or that or the other? Should I write only reviews? Should I participate in memes? Should do personal posts? Should I try to be funny? What if I'm too serious? What if I don't post everyday? What if I go weeks without posting? Maybe I don't like this or that or the other. Then what should I do?

Or.. maybe I have blog that says right in the title that it's all about books. But I really like music too. And movies. And writing. And The Walking Dead. Maybe I want to talk about "A Day in My Life" and share pictures and blather on and on about , I don't know, Josh Groban or something.

You know? Maybe that!

So, does that mean I stress about it?

No, I just do what I want, when I want, how I want, and have fun with it! No stress allowed.

And if I do get down, I can talk to people about it and vent a little maybe and share and find out that everyone stresses and that it's okay.

And then just keep having fun.

So I'll add to my advice:


What's your best blogging advice? Link up over at Bloggiesta!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review Discussion: The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski

Book: The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski
Genre: YA Fantasy- ish
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ★
For: Fun
From: bought at Amazon

Short Synopsis: (Spoilers for first book The Winner's Curse!) This book starts up shortly after we left off the first book. Kestrel is stationed in the palace of the emperor and is expected to marry his son. To celebrate the engagement, everyone is invited to party. Guess who shows up? Arin, yep. And they are both hurting and Arin is not sure what's going on with Kestrel, but whatever it is, he knows something is up and he's determined to get it out of her. She is determined to never tell him the truth. Meanwhile, she starts spying for his country (by way of his assistant guy) and you know, maybe that's not such a smart idea Kestrel! Oh, and bad stuff happens with her dad. And bad stuff happens with other people too. Pretty much this book is all bad stuff.

My Response: It's a painful book, to be sure. But the writing is so beautiful that it almost makes up for all the pain it's putting you through! Arin and Kestrel only have maybe three encounters this whole book and each one just makes things worse! If only Kestrel would tell him what's up! And then when he figures it out on his own, it's one of those situations where you, as a reader, are so anxious for things to work out that you are closing the book to pause for breath. . .often! So basically, it's a great book! The characters are awesome and I'm fascinated with their whole situation. Be warned, the cliff hanger in this the second book is much worse than the one in the first book. Much worse.

Bottom Line: Read this series! Maybe wait until next year and then read all three at the same time!

Let's Talk About: Do you enjoy reading books that are painful? Like your heart is just breaking for what the characters are going through? Or is there a fine line between good heartbreaking emotion and emotion that is just too too much?

Other Reviews:

I can only describe this book in one word: AMAZING!! From Books with Bite

It’s fast-paced, intriguing, and held my interest from start to finish. From Proud Book Nerd

A ton of emotion. And a truly excruciating cliffhanger. I can't believe I have to wait a year for the final book! From YA Romantics

. . .absolutely phenomenal with twists, turns, and so many secrets! Two lovers who have to be apart and pay the ultimate price for the safety of an entire country! From Bewitched Bookworms

But the characters are everything in this series. They're well rounded and full of flaws. And their flaws cause major problems. From Read This Instead

Throughout the entire book there is so much tension and no reprieve. There was no moment to breathe or calm down.  From Kami's Library Thoughts

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge March 2015: Twitter Chat Tutorial

I feel sort of silly volunteering myself to tell you all how to Twitter chat. If you knew me in real life you would really find this hilarious! In a crowd, I'm very quiet. And what's more crowded then Twitter? And Twitter often makes me feel like I'm talking to myself (there are those days of exception were I think... wow! Twitter is the coolest place ever!) but then again there are those times, like during Bloggiesta or when I'm hosting a read along, or when I'm participating in some other event like Bout of Books or ArmchairBEA or the Dewey's Readathon where talking on Twitter is fun and easy! It becomes the hub of everything that's going on.

And then I wonder what we ever did without it!

So many times, though, when I host a chat for Bloggiesta, there are always many new-to-Twitter bloggers or new-to-chatting bloggers who are wondering what they've gotten themselves into!  And if I could peer into the computer I could see their eyes big and huge, glazing over in confusion and pretty soon their hands being thrown up in the air!

So I'd love to explain how I see this all working.

But before we talk about chatting on Twitter, let's talk about hashtags. I'm sure you've all seen this explained other places, but just in case, here's the scoop. A hashtag (or the pound or number key #) is a way for Twitter to filter the things everyone is talking about. They are used many ways. There are some very established ones (#amwriting comes to mind) where people use it to connect with other Twitter users writing/talking/thinking about the same thing. Other times, people make up silly ones, that go viral for a day and wow, you can find some pretty funny things! Let me see what's trending today.... #DitchYourDatein5Words. Hmmm... okay.

Twitter is especially fun during a big event. . . like a few weeks ago during the Oscars. If you clicked on the hashtag #Oscars2015 (or whatever it was I forgot now) then you could see everyone's reaction to what was going down on the TV in real time. It's a blast. (This only works with TV if everyone is watching at the same time. Most of the time we are all on different TV times, so then you have to beware spoilers if you do this!)

So, Twitter chatting is the very same thing, only we set a time where all meet and chat together with the purpose of having actual conversations. Remember:  You have to use the hashtag that's been agreed on (in our case it's #Bloggiesta) or else the people in the chat won't see what you're saying! This is because during the chat we filter everything else that's going on on Twitter so we only see that one hashtag. We do this using various different methods. Some of the most common ways:

  • Twitter itself! You can search for a hashtag and then click on it. Now you'll only see what people using that tag are saying. (Click here and you'll only see stuff about #Bloggiesta.
  • Tweedeck, which is an app where you can create many customized columns to see different things going on on Twitter at the same time
  • Hootsuite is very similar to Tweetdeck in that you set up all sorts of columns with the hashtags you want to follow.
  • where you can log in using your Twitter name, plug in a hashtag and then only see that conversation. 
  •, same sort of set up as Tweetchat but seems to have less bugs lately.
I'm sure there are many more, but these are the main ones that I'm familiar with and the ones that I see most people using. I've become a big fan of Twubs for chatting. It's easy, you don't have to set anything up, and it seems to refresh pretty fast, which you need it to do for chats!

The cool thing about these (except for using Twitter itself and now I think bout it, it actually might do this too!) is that they will plug in the hashtag for you, for the particular chat you are in at the time. Which is great because remember what I said about forgetting the hashtag? If you do, we won't see you!!! And it's a pain to type that over and over especially because the chats move so so fast, you can barely keep up with them as it is. 

Another thing most official chats are doing these days is using the Q and A format. The person hosting will ask a question using Q1 and Q2 and so on. This helps the question to stand out in all the stuff that's going on. Then everyone responds using A1 and A2 and so on. It just helps the chat be somewhat more organized. 

Other than that, there's really nothing to it! You just jump in and talk to people, respond to the questions, reply, retweet and favorite as you desire!

So my Bloggiesta challenge to you is this:
  • join Twitter! If you've been on the fence about this move, just do it. Do it now! And then come and chat with us.
  • if you've never participated in a chat, now's your chance. We have SEVEN Bloggiesta chats happening this week! SEVEN! Try it, you'll like!
  • if you have chatted before, but haven't used one of the above platforms, pick one and give it a shot. Let me know what you think!
  • if you are expert at chatting, then be sure to join us for as many chats this week as you can to help us keep the convo going. Also, you can volunteer to host one for next time!
  • comment here with your experiences with any of these challenges. If you're feeling shy on Twitter, let me know. I'll follow you and talk you through things!
Here's the Twitter chat schedule for the upcoming week. We have themed days planned, but of course, we'll pretty much talk about anything:

  • Monday March 23rd at 4:00 p.m. Eastern: PEOPLE: Giving and Getting Comments and Followers
  • Tuesday March 24th 7 p.m. Eastern: E-PRESENCE: Social Media Savvy
  • Wednesday March 25th at 12 p.m. noon Eastern:DISPLAY: Side Bars and Page Layout
  • Thursday March 26th at 9 p.m. Eastern: REVIEWS and Other Content Ideas (guest hosted by Jessica from The Bluestocking Society)
  • Friday March 27th at 9 p.m. Eastern: ORGANIZE: No Stress Allowed (guest hosted by Amanda from On a Book Bender)
  • Saturday March 28th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern: Books and Reading (guest hosted by Rachel Noel from Purple Owl Reviews)
  • Sunday March 29th at 3 p.m. Eastern: Feedback and Free for All

Also, I thought it would be fun to list past challenges on Twitter, especially if you are thinking about taking the plunge and joining it for the first time. 
And while this is not a past Bloggiesta challenge, it's another tutorial from Buffer Social about chatting on Twitter that you might find helpful (thanks to Amanda for the heads up on this one!).

Have fun and see you at the chats!


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